StreamLine Welders

TRC StreamLine Welders

StreamLine brand of Resistance Spot Welders is a unique creation of THE ROUECHE COMPANY.

These welders can be equipped with your choice of component brands, with special attention given to your standard machinery specifications. The combination of versatility and savings makes StreamLine a winning choice for your welding needs.

TRC stocks both New and Used Weld Controls to suit your budget. We will be pleased to assist you with control selection to meet the requirements of the project.

All TRC Streamline welders come with a New Warranty.

StreamLine Welders

Advantages of StreamLine Welders

  • Versatility allows use of both standard or special design tooling fixtures
  • Significant cost savings over comparable standard welding machine with similar capability
  • Can accommodate single or multiple welding cylinders to suit a variety of applications
  • Easy access to all machine components for periodic maintenance and expansion
  • Dual lower channels and dual upper lifting lugs for transport by fork truck or overhead crane
  • Can be equipped for performing both spot and projection welding operations
  • Machine has small footprint and reduces space requirements
  • Machine can be readily upgraded to include features such as light curtains, PLC controls, sensors for part presence detection, operator interface controls, etc.