Remanufactured Welders

TRC specializes in the complete remanufacture of any brand or model of welding machine. We will rebuild your welder to new specifications or we can supply you with a completely remanufactured welder from our inventory. All welders that undergo the comprehensive TRC Remanufacturing Process include a One Year Warranty.
Remanufactured Welder


Introduction to Remanufactured Welders

• Press Welding Machines are very versatile and offer the more ideal means of achieving welding pressure in a uniform, linear motion as compared to Rocker Arm Welders that have a radial motion as the tips come in contact.
• Applications that are well suited for Press Welder include:
• Spot Welding – light to heavy gauge steels as well as aluminum
• Projection Nuts – Hex, Square, Flange or Round Boss Styles
• Projection Studs – Multi-Projections or Ring Projections
• Projection Brackets – popular in automotive and commercial industries
• Accessibility remains available using Offset Holders, Offset Tips and Custom Tooling
• Higher electrode forces are available with Press Welders as compared to Rocker Welders
• T-Slotted Platens offer the ability for Interchangeable Custom Welding Fixtures