Spot Welders

TRC offers a variety of Resistance Spot Welders including: Spot Stud, Rocker Arm, Press Spot Projection, Bench Type, Circular Longitudinal Seam, Butt Welders, Fine Spot, Portable Guns, and Projection Nut & Projection Stud. Each type can be programmed to do specific tasks and routines.

TRC Fine Spot Welders are custom designed to weld your particular product and are built to your manufacturing specifications. These welders are uniquely suited for very small applications such as battery pack/terminals, electronic components such as capacitors and resistors, cross wire welding, and many other applications. These machines are available in Capacitor Discharge (CD Welding), Conventional AC, or MFDC Inverter Technology.

Deep Throay Inverter Spot Welder

Spot Welder Specifications

Introduction to Spot Press Welders

• Spot Welding Machines are very versatile and offer the more ideal means of achieving welding pressure in a uniform, linear motion as compared to Rocker Arm Welders that have a radial motion as the tips come in contact.
• Applications that are well suited for Spot Welder include:
• Spot Welding – light to heavy gauge steels as well as aluminum
• Projection Nuts – Hex, Square, Flange or Round Boss Styles
• Projection Studs – Multi-Projections or Ring Projections
• Projection Brackets – popular in automotive and commercial industries
• Accessibility remains available using Offset Holders, Offset Tips and Custom Tooling
• Higher electrode forces are available with Press Welders as compared to Rocker Welders
• T-Slotted Platens offer the ability for Interchangeable Custom Welding Fixtures

General Features

• T-Slotted Platens and/or Welding Arms for Spot, Nut and Stud Welding; all machines include a variety of easy-to-change welding consumables for any application.
• Air System includes Manual Lockout, Port Block, Filter/Regulator/Lubricator, Modular Valve.
• TRC will use any brand you specify – SMC, Norgren, Parker, Bosch, Numatics and others.
• Sequence initiation is carried out by using either a Heavy-duty LineMaster Foot Switch or Dual Opto-touch Buttons with Anti-tiedown Circuitry. Safety is of paramount importance and TRC staff will help insure your welder is safe for Foot Switch use. Our Unitrol Soft Touch Pinch Point Safety Controllers meet your need for optimal safety!
• TRC utilizes RoMan Machine-Style Welding Transformers, Water-cooled, Tap Switches
• Weld Control to be the brand of your choice – WTC, Entron, Unitrol and others.
• All TRC Welders include Water Flow Switches, Visual Flow Indicators, Temp Gauges
• Available in Conventional AC or MFDC Inverter Control Systems.
• All Welding Machinery offered by TRC is Designed and Built in Chattanooga, TN, USA

Additional Details

• Throat Depths from 12” to 48” are standard; special throat depths available
• Welding transformers are sized to suit, with currents available from 2,500 amps to 80,000 amps plus.
• Welding Cylinders available from 6” Bore (2800lbsf) to 12” Bore (11,300lbsf)
• Secondary circuits are of machined copper – no brass
• Standard T-Slotted Platens designed per RWMA standards and other special sizes
• Standard or Special Electrode Holders, Welding Arms from 2” to 3-1/2” Diameter with SS End Caps
• Lower Knee Assemblies are adjustable vertically to provide versatility for a variety of application
• Heavy-duty, robust frame design with Fork Channels for ease of transport
• Ram Assemblies include design options using robust cam followers/ways or profile rails/carriages.
• Water Distribution features visual flow indicators, manual shutoffs and water flow switches