TRC Designs Servo Welding Systems for Nashville, TN and Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Huntsville, Chattanooga.

Custom Welder

Custom Welders in Nashville, TN

For custom applications, TRC will inspect and evaluate your prototype parts or CAD files to determine what type of machine and tooling will best suit your needs and meet the required cycle time and product requirements. TRC offers a variety of Standard Resistance Welders: Single and Multi-Gun Welders, Single and Multi-Gun Nut & Stud Welders, Stationary Auto Nut & Stud Feeders, Circular and Longitudinal Seam Welders, and Programmable X-Y Servo Systems.

Standard Welders in Nashville, TN

TRC offers a variety of Standard Resistance Welders including: Stud, Rocker Arm, Press Spot Projection, Bench Type, Circular Longitudinal Seam, Butt Welders, Fine Spot, Portable Guns, and Projection Nut & Projection Stud.

Standard Welders
Muffler Plate Spot Welder

TRC Flex Welders in Nashville, TN

TRC Flex Weld Stations are designed to accommodate multiple, interchangeable welding applications with the ability to have advanced controls while still meeting your budgetary requirements. This “Quick Change” design allows the Flex Welding Station to be removed and interchanged with other Flex Stations in just a few minutes. If you have multiple, custom welding applications that are of low to moderate volume – from 50,000-500,000 pieces per year – then this system is for you!

Robotic Welding Systems in Nashville, TN

As with Robotic Spot Welders, TRC can design a new Robotic Arc Welding system with integrated tooling or retool and reprogram your existing robotic system. TRC will review the application with you and recommend the most cost effective and productive solution.

Robotic Welder